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I'm Hannah, I recently graduated from Sunderland University with a First Class BA in Animation and Design, and am aiming to make connections within the industry to better my future career chances. My favourite types of animation are stop-motion and digitally drawn 2D, but I have at least some minimal experience using a range of animation styles through my course.


I have taken interest in doing either freelance work or working within a studio in any area where my skills will be valued. In particular in a studio setting my interests and skills are mostly to do with pre-production such as character design, storyboarding, concept art, and 3D puppet/prop making. I also have some skills in production and post-production such as character animation and editing. Programs that I've used for this include Toon Boom Animate 2, Adobe's Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro & Illustrator CS6, Audacity, and occasionally Pencil Check and Dragonframe. While my final project specialised in Stop-Motion, I am familiar with multiple forms of animation.


Where personal work is concerned, when the chance arises I intend to bring out my own comics that have been slowly in the making as well as doing some independent animation projects. I have just started a small Etsy business aiming to offer commissions for artwork, miniature props and/or stop-motion puppets, unique jewellery and costume accessories. These stem from my personal hobbies and interests that I am quite passionate about. I'm also interested in music, theatre, languages and voice acting.


I enjoy coming up with unusual and interesting ideas and trying to be as creative as possible with my projects. I am happy to work either alone or as part of a team and take pride in having patience when communicating with team members as well as the instinct to take charge when it is needed. I also consider myself fairly ambitious in always persevering to reach a goal regardless of any obstacles.

About Me

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